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“Collagenie”, the USA’s leading specialist in non-surgical facial cosmetic treatments, “More and more people are looking for safer, effective and less drastic cosmetic alternatives to the surgeon’s knife. Time, convenience and price are also fundamental factors,’. “With “Collagenie”, We can help these people hold back time with a range of collagen and facial peels, available right on their own front doorstep.

This is a massive growth business and We were anxious to 'get in' at the inception. “Collagenie” has proven to us that this is a credible and extremely professional organisation with a great team for many years. I have no hesitation in projecting that, with their back up and my drive and ambition, “Collagenie” will be a great success.”

The Asia market for cosmetic treatments is about to rocket. Our research indicates that the market for new clients is 12 years from saturation and this does not account for the fact that 85% of existing clients will return for repeat use two to three times a month.

There is already a huge demand for our products and this is only expected to increase. Our franchise operation aims to meet this demand and we want only the best people working alongside us. We are looking for the ideal candidate as she has good business acumen, marketing ability and a genuine interest in the aesthetics field.”

“We believe “Collagenie” has one of the highest standards within the industry and the stringent codes of conduct we enforce throughout our network will set the standards to which others can aspire.

“Collagenie” is now searching for franchisees for its remaining territories. An updated list of available territories can be found at the “Collagenie”web site.

To find out more about a “Collagenie” franchise, becoming a ”Collagenie” practitioner please contact “Collagenie” on http://collagenies.com/